Here Are The Most Shocking Secrets And Stories About Marriage, Affairs, And Weddings So Far This Year


Here are some of the most unforgettable stories:

1. "I married when I got pregnant, but my husband became abusive. So what did I do? I had an affair with another man for 12 years. I was having sex with my husband and my lover. I had three children, whom I truly believed were my husband's. During our divorce, the DNA proved two of my three children were not my ex's biological sons. It was a shit-show."

"I regret lying. I regret having an affair. All three of my children have disowned me, and I do not blame them."


2. "I worked at a music venue in the Detroit area that was also a popular wedding reception location. Came into work one week in the fall, when pretty much every weekend is booked solid with weddings and noticed Saturday was open with no one scheduled. Talked to the wedding planner, and she told me the groom canceled. Odd. Spoke to the wedding planner's younger brother, who was our head barback. He told me that the groom, excited about the wedding, left work at lunch on Friday, bought a nice bottle of wine, and headed home to surprise his bride-to-be."

"Except he was the one in for a surprise, as he walked into his new house to hear sounds coming from their bedroom. He walked in to find his bride in bed with another man...his dad. We tried to talk him into doing a big fuck you party because we'd never fill the space and there was no refund, but he declined."


3. "My biggest regret is having children. I graduated in 1991, and we were married in July of the same year. Hubby and I were happy in our marriage, however, having our first baby when I was 20 and our second at 21 wasn't a good idea. We went on to have a total of six kids. Of those six, only three still speak to me. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't have kids at all."


4. "My wife was on dialysis for three years before her first failed kidney transplant. I gave her one of mine, which she still has, but I was certain she wasn't going to live. My coworker was there for me; I fell in love."

"I was terrified of being alone. I wish I could take it all back. My 'friend' got really possessive and told my wife. My life has been pretty bad since then; my wife forgave me, but it will never be the same. The hurt is still there — it never goes away, nor does the guilt I feel."